Open and Receptive
to Receiving Financial Abundance
Heal your relationship with money
"It’s been months & no large amount of money has shown up." 

Has this been you? You've been doing the work, but for 'some reason' the money isn't flowing? 

We are going over the step by step process on how to truly identify what this 'reason' is and remove your blockage. 
"I know about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, but I still struggling using these methods towards money" 

In the One Day Workshop we are going to giving you the tools and resources, to not only become conscious of the Blocks you specifically have around money, but reprogram these beliefs as well. 
"I have been manifesting Free things, loans, opportunities, but how do I manifest 'real' money?"

 I see you, you've been doing the inner work. 

My only questions for you is, have you been living what you've been learning. 

In this work shop we will be breaking down your aligned action to expedite this Manifestation Process.
We want to share your testimony 
You doing this work is bigger than "having all your bills paid" and "getting out of debt".  This is your reminder that stepping into your power and truly allowing yourself to receive, gives permission to others to do the same. 
We are on a mission to Change the way the world views money.

The Number one way we are going to do that, is to prove that this work doesn't discriminate and is truly able to impact everyone and everyone.  

We will be taking these testimonies from this workshop and sharing them with our audience on the next season of the
Manifesting Money Podcast. 
By the end of this workshop you will have Complete Clarity on what is currently blocking your Financial Abundance.
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